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Google Pulls PhoneMyPC from Play store

On June 2nd, we received a notice that Google had pulled PhoneMyPC from the Play store, citing a violation of “IP infringement and impersonation” policy. We believe this is an error, and we have applied.

Note: This issue only effects current and future Google Play customers. PhoneMyPC customers who purchased from SlideMe, Amazon or Blackberry are not affected.

What this means to you

  1. You cannot purchase PhoneMyPC from Google. You can still purchase from Amazon App Store
  2. If you own PhoneMyPC, you cannot download it until this is resolved
  3. We cannot publish updates until this is resolved

What you can do

  • Do not uninstall PhoneMyPC until its market listing is restored
  • Do not download from torrent or other internet sites; we have found most of these illicit copies to contain malicious code
  • Contact Google and tell them you want your app back. If you find a way to do this, share and we will publish
  • Let other’s know

We are doing everything in our power to get this resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, even in the face of disenfranchising tens of thousands of customers, Google has no direct means of error resolution, so all we can do is wait to hear back on our appeal.

PhoneMyPC now available through Amazon!

We are proud to announce that PhoneMyPC is now available in the Amazon App Store.

PhoneMyPC available for Blackberry Playbook

We are proud to announce that PhoneMyPC is now available for the Playbook via the Blackberry App World.

Another Quick Fix

PhoneMyPC is supported on more than a thousand different device types–far more than we can physically have in the lab.  Add that to the fact that many people use PhoneMyPC daily as part of their career, business or other time-critical operations, and it’s easy to see why releasing updates can be a stressful time, even when great care is taken.

In that light, we generally stick around and watch closely for at least 24 hours after any release, and almost always there are small updates that follow immediately to fix bugs that slipped by us.

With no further distraction, I’d like to introduce you to version (build 37), which is the 3rd update in less than 24 hours. In this case, customers discovered that when the device was rotated on the newer OSes, the current activity would close and return to the PC List screen.  This is now fixed.

Thank you to all who help us catch and diagnose these as quickly as we can :-)

Quick Fix Published

Given that Android no longer sees PhoneMyPC as a “Legacy” app, it no longer shows the Menu button on the System bar.  We combated this loss by adding a new toolbar button to the bottom toolbar that showed the other toolbars (the same functionality that the Menu button used to have).

However, users quickly pointed out that if they had configured PhoneMyPC to hide the bottom toolbar, they could not access it after the update.

So, we just published with the minor fix that the bottom toolbar always shows in the PC List screen. This way, you can access settings and turn the bottom toolbar back on, if necessary.

Minor Update (v2.0.3.4) Published!

This morning we released an interim build with some much needed fixes. For details, pleases see the Beta page.

It’s coming!

PhoneMyPC 3.0 is on it’s way in the not too distant future. We wish to thank everyone for their patience as we wrap this one up and get it out.

Also, we now have a permanent Google+ page.

Brief Service Interruption: Sept. 26 2011

This morning our servers notified us that something was wrong. We experienced a brief service disruption while we resolved the problem.

At present, the system is running optimally; the issue has been fixed and cannot recur.

Our up-time has risen to approximately 99.93%, and each time we have such an issue we get one step closer to 100%. A big apology is in order, and an equally big thanks for everybody’s patience on this.

PhoneMyPC Brings External Mouse and Keyboard Support

On July 15 2011 we released PhoneMyPC, bringing Bluetooth and USB mouse and keyboard support to devices that support them (generally, Android 3.1+ is required for mouse, and 2.3+ is required for keyboard).

PhoneMyPC Update Released

This afternoon we released a maintenance update that fixes several bugs. Please see PhoneMyPCs Beta page for details.

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