Quick Start

Install the Software


PhoneMyPC requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later on your PC. Chances are your PC has this already, but if not, you can dowload it from Windows Update, you can download it from Microsoft, or the PhoneMyPC installer will ask you if you would like to install it directly.

Step 1

the PC software.
* If you have an older version, you must uninstall it first.

Step 2

Double-click the downloaded PhoneMyPCxxx.msi file to install the software. Follow the installation instructions (the default settings are fine, so you can simple click Next).

Step 3

When the installation finishes, the Settings screen will show.
Pick and enter a User Name and Password to be used by PhoneMyPC, then give your Computer a name.
Click Ok.
Note: Be sure to use secure credentials! If someone guesses your name and password, they will have the same access to your PC that you do.  

Note the icon on the Settings window. This same icon [optionally] appears in your System Tray; double-click it to see the Settings window again.


Step 4

Run PhoneMyPC on your Client. If this is the first time you run it, it will show the Settings screen automatically. If you have run it before, you can access Settings by pressing Menu, then the Settings button.

Enter the exact same User Name and Password you entered on the PC, above. Both values are case-sensitive.

Note: Beneath Password is a Password Protect Application checkbox. Checking this will cause you to have to enter your password every time you run the application. If you are concerned about losing your Android device, this is a good option, but we recommend that you not check it until you have used the program to verify you have entered the proper credentials by accessing your PC at least once.

Note: although the settings screen has a field for License Key, this feature is not yet used, and we will email you a key before it becomes important. You do not need a key at this time and can safely ignore this field.

Step 5

Press your device’s Back button (or ‘swype left’ along the bottom of your Playbook) to see your PC list.


Here are some tips for common issues during installation and setup.

Note that we are here to answer questions nearly around the clock; please email if you have any issues.

After I install, the Settings screen does not show

1) The window is not on top

On some systems, the program will run but the window will not show on top of all other windows. Check your Task bar for a PhoneMyPC item, then click it.

2) You are using Windows Remote Desktop

If you are using Windows RDP to access the computer, then the Settings window is in the wrong Windows session. PhoneMyPC currently has a bug and is not compatible with Windows Remote Desktop.

I have installed and configured the software on my PC and my Phone, but I don’t see the PC on the phone; the Phone eventually reports “No PCs Found”

1) The PC cannot connect to the servers.Check this by double-clicking the PhoneMyPC icon in the System tray, then lo0k at the title of the settings window. If it shows (Connected), then go on to #2, below.

If it does not show (Connected), then it is being blocked from connecting. Please check your firewall and make sure PhoneMyPC is allowed to connect out of your network using TCP port 443.

2) The credentials on the Phone do not match the credentials on the PC

If the credentials do not match, your phone will not be able to find your PC.

We recommend changing credentials to something simple–but not so simple as to be insecure–on all devices and trying again. Pay close attention particularly as you type on the phone, as some 3rd party keyboards (such as Swype) may capitalize or add spaces when you do not expect it.

I checked the “Require Password to change Settings” box on the PC but have forgotten my password

The solution for this is as follows:

  • Uninstall PhoneMyPC from your PC
  • Delete the folder c:\Program Files\SoftwareForMe Inc, or c:\Program Files (x86)\SoftwareForMe Inc
  • Re-install and set up the PC software

I checked the “Password Protect Application” box on the Android app settings, but have forgotten my password (or the application just return to my Home screen after I enter my password)

If you enter the wrong password, the program simply exits without any further notice. You will need to reset the password.

To reset the password, uninstall and re-install the software on the Android device. When you first run it, you will have to re-enter all settings.

Note: if you did not remember your password, you will likely have to enter a new one on your PC(s) so you can make them match the new one on the phone.

Screen updates are not as fast as they used to be

The most recent release incorporates industry standard TLS encryption on all communications. This is necessary
now that you may have to type your PC credentials in order to log in.

PhoneMyPC has always excelled at speed, but we have a number of improvements to make in the near future to address the performance. Stay tuned!