Execute Actions

Actions lets you program your PC to execute commands issued by you from your Client device. Actions are programs along with optional command-line arguments.

Great uses for Actions include:

  • Open a document, such as a powerpoint presentation.
  • Open a web browser and navigate to a web site.
  • Modify or repair system settings using system tools.
  • Gag a friend by running any of the gag programs available online.


Double-click the PhoneMyPC icon in the System tray to open the Settings window.

Click the Actions tab.


Click the Add button to add an action.

Name the action and type in a command line.

Click Ok twice.

On the Client

On your Client, run PhoneMyPC, long-press the PC on which you added the Action, select the Execute Actions feature and click the Action. You will see your new action in a list; select it to execute it.