Audio Preview

PhoneMyPC’s new Audio feature brings sound from your PC to your Android device.

PhoneMyPC uses a very versatile method for capturing sound from your PC. However, it may require configuration on some PCs.

To hear audio on the Android device, open a feature that supports sound (Interact Live, View Live, or Webcam), the press the Audio toolbar button.

PhoneMyPC will show you a list of available audio input devices to listen to; this can include microphones, webcams with built in microphones, television cards, or, with the proper driver installed, any audio playing on the PC.

Listening to the PC audio

Some PCs include as a Primary Sound Capture device, a driver that captures the audio being played on the PC. For others, it is necessary to enable–and possibly install–a Stereo Mix driver for your sound device.

To begin:

1 – Open the Sound Control Panel applet
2 – Click the Recording tab
3 – Right-click on any device, then choose Show Disabled Devices
4 – If there is a Stereo Mix item listed, right-click it and choose Enable

If you found a Stereo Mix item, then you are done. If you did not, try this:

1 – Open the Device Manager Control Panel applet
2 – Look at the item titled Sound,video and game controllers
3 – Look at the brand and model of your sound card, then search Google via a search like this:

“realtek high definition audio” windows stereo mix driver

Replace the part in quotes with your own device.

Note that YouTube has many videos explaining how to do this as well.


As a Preview, this feature is not done, and some limitations may apply. Specifically, we may limit use on hosted connections. For details, please see the Previews page.

For details about establishing direct-connections, please see our Optimization page.