View Video Preview

View Video is an exciting addition that helps improve the experience of watching video on the PC. In this early, Preview release, it works well on direct-connected PCs where plenty of bandwidth is available, but may not work well on hosted or some 3G connections. Performance and capability will improve in future releases.

Using View Video

View Video is available from inside both Interact Live and View Live features. To access the feature:

1 – Open a video application (Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Windows Media Player, etc.)

2 – View the video window on the Android device

3 – Long-press the video window with two fingers

While watching the video, you can hide any shown toolbars by clicking the associated toolbar button. For example, to hide the bottom toolbar, click:

The Video feature will try to optimize video quality to maintain a reasonable frame rate. This is why it currently does not work optimally on hosted connections; the bandwidth is lower and the latency higher, and the quality will become too low as the program tries to get a good frame-rate. Look for vast improvements here in the neat future.


As a Preview, this feature is not done, and will be improved. For details, please see the Previews page.

For details about establishing direct-connections, please see our Optimization page.