View Only

View your PC from anywhere while using the feature. View Only displays the PC’s screen on the Client device without the possibility of controlling or affecting the PC in any way. This is ideal for keeping an eye on your children or checking up on something in progress on the PC.

Mouse Operation

Single-finger gestures

Gesture Operation
Drag your finger Pan the view

* Tap + Drag means to tap the screen (finger down then immediately up), then immediately put the finger down and begin to move it.

Two finger gestures (Android 2.0 or later, Blackberry Playbook)

Gesture Operation
Two-finger double tap Zoom to 100%
Two finger long-tap Enter View Video mode (only do this over a video window)
Two finger pinch / zoom Zoom the view in or out


Higher finger gestures (Compliant Android 3.0 or later devices,
such as Motorola Xoom)

Gesture Operation
Four finger drag Drag up or left to go to the next monitor, down or right to go to a previous monitor
Five finger tap Show / Hide the keyboard



PhoneMyPC has up to four configurable toolbars available in this and other features. For details, see Toolbars.