Control Pad

Turn your Client device into a control pad for your PC. Keystrokes made on the phone will be sent to the PC, and finger movements on the touch-screen control the PC’s mouse. This feature does not display the PC screen on the phone; it is intended to be used as a remote control when your PC is within view.

Perfect for controlling your home Media PC from the comfort of your couch, or your laptop or work PC while giving a presentation. Stand behind a client while providing support–you’ll never have to reach for the mouse again!

Mouse Operation

Single-finger gestures

Gesture Operation
Tap the screen Perform a mouse click at the location of the tap
Double-tap the screen Perform a mouse double-click at the location of the double-tap
Long-tap Right-click the mouse at the location of the tap
Drag your finger Pan the view
Tap + Drag* Drag the mouse on the PC

* Tap + Drag means to tap the screen (finger down then immediately up), then immediately put the finger down and begin to move it.

Two finger gestures (Android 2.0 or later)

Gesture Operation
Two-finger tap Right-click the mouse at the location of the tap
Drag two fingers Scroll the mouse wheel in the direction of the drag
Tap + Drag two fingers Drag the mouse with the middle button pressed


Higher finger gestures (Compliant Android 3.0 or later devices, such as Motorola Xoom)

Gesture Operation
Five finger tap Show / Hide the keyboard


Keyboard Operation

Key strokes typed on your phone are sent to your PC and typed into the active window, just as if the keys has been struck on the PC’s keyboard.

Note: PhoneMyPC has recently been updated so that the keyboard behaves exactly as it does in other applications. The Shift and Alt keys are ‘sticky,’ meaning you can press and release them, and they will modify the next keystroke.

Soft-Key users: pres the Keyboard button on the toolbar to show the keyboard.



PhoneMyPC has up to four configurable toolbars available in this and other features. For details, see Toolbars.