Beta News

PhoneMyPC’s Beta program gives the Android community an opportunity to participate in final development on Android’s most full-featured PC Remote app. During the program, purchasers are treated to a reduced price, and the PhoneMyPC team has the pleasure of their feedback, suggestions and comments.

All owners of the Beta product will receive all future versions at no additional charge.

Status: Sunday, March 4, 2012

Work continues on a major update, but in the mean time we had a few minor things we’d put off releasing. However, when a long-time user spoke to us about how he was using Bluestacks as a way to get temporary PC to PC access, we experimented with it and found that it worked very well, but the program was unable to get direct-connections to the controlled PC.

We took a few minutes to look into it, found and fixed the problem and then decided to make a interim release with a handful of fixes, including:

  1. The Direct-connect logic is improved and will work in more circumstances
  2. The .apk has been updated so it will show in the Market on Google TV devices
  3. The PC list is now sorted alphabetically (no more randomized order!)
  4. One more cause of “Authentication Errors” has been fixed
  5. ICS has been more thoroughly tested
  6. Subtle changes to the toolbar (one new button which shows the other toolbars) to support Honeycomb and later UIs
  7. Another optimization to the rendering so that “high quality” bitmap filtering is only used when necessary (in particular, when you are zoomed out)
  8. One cause for a recently used PC “disappearing” from the PC list was found and fixed; this affects Honeycomb and later devices

This update, version (build 35) is an Android-only update and works best with the current PC version.

Status: Friday, July 15, 2011

Still working hard on a major update, we took a short break from that to respond to customer requests for external mouse and keyboard support. So, today we released an update with that, as well as a hand full of bug fixes.

The most major bug fix was that on some systems in which WMI was either not fully installed or corrupted, the application would fail to run after installation.

We also put quite a lot of time into the Flext9 keyboard’s “key repeat” problem but have not found a work-around yet. Until that is fixed, Flext9 will not work well for PhoneMyPC, but you can switch to your default keyboard before use. To our knowledge, all keyboards work perfectly except this one.

Finally, we worked on adding better keyboard support for gamers. After much research we found the only full solution will be a keyboard driver on the PC. That is now in our queue and we hope to ship it with the next major update.

Status: Sunday, May 15, 2011

A handful of bugs have been reported by customers since the last release, so we published a fix. The bugs included:

  • If you check the “Password Protect Application” preference, then the app is protected by your password. However, when no PCs are found, the dialog saying as much will show above the password screen, offering a button with which to enter settings. Once in settings, you can turn off the “Password Protect” feature.
    FIX: Now PhoneMyPC will not even try to fetch your PC list until you have entered your password, when using this feature.
  • The left-click toolbar button did not work. This has wide consequences, as hardware button mappings use the toolbar code to perform their operations. So, no left-click mapping (other than tapping the screen) worked.
    FIX: The button (and all related mappings) now work.
  • The zoom sensitivity feature added in ignored zoom factors smaller than 1.25 while zooming in (but worked while zooming out).
    FIX: The minimum zoom is now 1.1 for both zoom in and out.
  • If you show the cursor while interacting, leave the app by pressing Home, then return to the app, the cursor will be missing.
    FIX: The cursor now returns.
  • If the PC list did not find any PCs, it shows a message giving you the option to retry or go to settings. If you press Home, then return to the app, the message is still there.
    FIX: The message is now gone when you return, and the program will re-fetch the PC list as it should.

Status: Thursday, May 12, 2011

Several customers noticed that the new PhoneMyPC used more CPU resources than the previous version did; this was a side effect of an optimization we added to maximize frame-rates while watching video or playing games. However, CPU use was unacceptably high, so we fixed it as quickly as we could and released an update yesterday, Android app version

This morning we have begun releasing an auto-update to the PCs, also version (yes, they are finally in sync!) which includes additional performance enhancements as well as fixes a missing-file issue from the last release that caused Audio to not function on some computers.

Of course, if we’re going to go through the release process, we’re going to implement some of your suggestions too.

In total, the changes include:

  • CPU over-utilization bug is fixed
  • Missing audio files have been added
  • Hardware button mapping is back, and better than ever (map any hardware button to any toolbar button’s function)
  • Zoom sensitivity (for the Zoom buttons) is now controllable via a Preference
  • The transparency on toolbars is now controllable via a Preference

Known Issues

Just since yesterday’s Android release, two new issues have been brought to our attention. Both have been fixed and will be in the next release of the Android app:

  • Zoom “in” button does not work if the zoom factor Preference is lower than 1.25.
    Workaround: Use a value of at least 1.25
  • Left-click (primary button) toolbar button does not work.
    Workaround: tap the screen to affect a click

Status: Saturday, May 7, 2011

Within hours of yesterdays release, customers alerted us to a serious bug affecting Android 1.5 devices. We fixed the bug and released an update right away, bringing the current version to (Android).

While we were at it, we took a few minutes to respond to user feedback by adding:

  • A Preference to change the sensitivity of the mouse-wheel when scrolling via the touch-screen
  • A click-lock toolbar button
  • Mouse wheel up and down toolbar buttons (scroll the mouse wheel one click)

Status: Friday, May 6, 2011

Today we released Android version (29), after releasing an auto-update for the PC application two days ago, bringing it to

This version marks a major step forward toward our goals. Audio is supported as a Preview, and Webcam now works even when hosted. We have one more major update to make before these features will see their true potential; this update will allow direct-connections and better performance for nearly all users, without any configuration.

New Features

  • Audio Preview. Listen to audio from any input source on your PC (Mic, Stereo Mix, TV card, etc.)
  • Toolbars. Most features have configurable toolbars for quick access to keystrokes and options
  • View Video Preview. This is a new way to watch video and allow the program to try to optimize your experience
  • New gestures. Many more 2, 3, 4 and 5 finger gestures added for devices that support them
  • Snapshot. You can now save a snapshot of what is on your screen in any of the 3 view features (Interact Live, View Only, Webcam)
  • Cut, Copy and Paste. Ease-access toolbar buttons implement these
  • Zoom controls. Zoom in and out buttons are now available


  • The program now stays connected when it loses the focus and remembers what you were doing when you return. How long it keeps this memory is configurable in Settings
  • The PC application has a new self-health monitor, and is much less likely to ‘disappear’
  • The PC List now goes directly to Interact Live when you tap a PC; long-tap to get the feature list (this removes one tap for the most common use)
  • Layout and theme improvements for all devices (including Tablets)
  • When a snapshot is saved, you can now name the file. It is saved under /sdcard/PhoneMyPC
  • Rendering in Interact Live and View Only uses higher drawing quality for smoother text and details
  • Help is now provided ‘in-app,’ so there’s no need to leave the app to read a help page
  • Status indicator improved during connections
  • Graphics improvements
  • Better support for Modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Windows)
  • Many more PC special keys added (Home, End, Function keys, etc.)
  • PC application uses less CPU power when in use
  • Server application updates to improve scalability, reliability, and easy auto-update of PC clients
  • Graceful handling of network drops; screen grays but stays visible, a simple message is displayed
  • Vastly improved memory handling
  • The Pan-margin color can now be changed (many requested darker gray, or black)
  • The program selects the primary monitor as default (previously it picked the ‘left most’)

Bug Fixes

  • Almost all Authentication Failure errors are fixed
  • Almost all Network Failure errors are fixed
  • Device specific keyboard issues fixed (those that we know of)
  • A comma or semicolon in a PC name could cause the PC to be unreachable; this is fixed
  • “Black screen” issue fixed

Things Removed

  • Snapshot feature. Since you can save a snapshot in the other features, this was redundant.
  • Multi-touch on Android 1.5 and 1.6.  Our simulated multi-touch worked well on some devices, but there are many more now on which this causes many troubles. If there is enough demand, we will put it back on a per-device basis; email us.
  • Hardware button mapping. Given the wide range of buttons available on Android devices, and the fact that now the Volume buttons must be used for volume, manually mapping these has become an unreliable way to access features. Therefore, we have moved all of the features to Toolbar buttons.

Known Issues (all are targets to be fixed in the next release)

  • The Android device may not immediately detect if the PC crashes or its internet is cut off abruptly
  • The Preferences screen is improperly formatted on Android 3.0.  This is a visual bug only; it does not effect usability
  • Audio may not sync well with video
  • When played for a long time, audio can become more out of sync
  • View Video feature does not work well on slow or hosted connections
  • Documentation is incomplete
  • Webcam feature does not enumerate devices (it picks the first device arbitrarily)

Status: Friday, February 25, 2011

We missed a couple of status updates to accompany previous releases. However, this morning we released an update that fixed a bug found while testing the Motorola Xoom. PhoneMyPC now fully supports that device.

Two major updates are right around the corner now. We considered rolling the Xoom fix into one, but decided against it as we like to fix major “new device” issues within 24 hours of a device’s release–we know many of our customers are gadget geeks like us and must have the latest.

Sound is coming well, but for those of you who we’ve not communicated with otherwise, the history has been roughly as follows: In November we finalized a good sound solution and put it through extensive testing. During that testing we found an annoying stutter under certain circumstances that we just couldn’t tolerate. The solution turned out to be a rewrite of our network logic that we had planned anyway but postponed. This caused a significant delay, but it just means that update will have much more than just sound.

Another update is coming as well that is not related to the network logic. It contains UI improvements, reliability improvements, and many new features, mostly related to user input: new gesture support, toolbars and more.

Status: Monday, July 26, 2010

PhoneMyPC 2.0.2 has been released (friendly name on Android is 21). This update centers around fixes to problems created with the protocol rewrite of version 2.0.0, and represents a major step towards stabilizing that release.

There are still some issues, but most are minor. If you have connectivity problems, press Home, then try again.

Other additions include:

  • Addition of pop-up bubbles on the PC to let you know when someone connects or disconnects (but only when the System tray icon is not explicitly hidden)
  • Colored System tray icon background when a connection is on-going
  • Bugs fixed with the Start menu shortcut–this now shows/starts the program, so you can freely turn the program off and re-start it when you need
  • A fix for the “gray icon” hosts. This was a performance optimization that just wasn’t ready for prime time. We have plans for many improvements to connection speed–we want “Click, go” performance, and we’re going to keep working at it until we get there
  • Many installation bugs fixed
  • Improvements to the user name and password entry fields–Android will no longer auto-correct these. Note: The Swype keyboard still auto-capitalizes, so watch out for that!
  • The Application Password field will no longer auto-correct your password, nor add it to your user dictionary

The bad news

Our auto-update feature again proved insufficient for this release. This means that you’ll need to uninstall, then download and install the new version on your PCs. This is our 3rd shot at Auto-update, and we’re pretty sure we have it this time.

The good news

We will continue to fix bugs as they show themselves (and we still know of a few), but we are turning a large portion of our effort to the addition of sound, file copy, support for Windows 2k and other things you’ve requested.


License keys are not yet required; you can safely ignore this field until we send you a key.

See the Known Issues and future plans at the bottom of this page.

Status: Tuesday, July 12, 2010

In the closing minutes of Monday, July 5th, we released PhoneMyPC 2.0.0, meeting our long (and long overdue) promise to add full login and unlock support to PhoneMyPC. Within a few days of the release it became clear we had new bugs, and we are working hard on those. We are going to take up some space here to give a thorough update on the new releases and the status of our work.

Changes in PhoneMyPC 2.0.0

The theme for this release was was “Login support.” Along with this came several associated improvements, such as a client that runs as a Windows Service (necessary to provide secure logon), SSL encryption on all networking (so it is safe to type credentials in order to log it), and much more. Here is a list of the most notable changes in this release:

  • Full login support (ability to see and interact with the login screen)
  • CTRL+ALT+DELETE support (making it easy to lock the PC, as well as long in)
  • Ability to unlock a locked PC
  • Full support for User Account Control popups on Vista and Windows 7 (no longer blocked when these pop up)
  • Ability to have the PC locked when you disconnect your remote session
  • Secure TLS when communicating with our servers
  • SSL encryption when connected directly to your PC
  • Ability to password-protect the PhoneMyPC settings
  • Click-lock in “Full Cursor Mode” so you can drag items on the PC even without a track-ball or DPAD (to use this feature, tap the cursor to press the mouse; the cursor turns red.)
  • Troublesome Application Password removed (on the phone) and replaced with a check-box requiring the “one” password to be entered
  • Retry/Ignore/Cancel option when the network is unreliable (no more force closes!)
  • More servers added to serve you
  • Improved reliability–worst cases require you to press Home and re-run the app. You never lose contact with your PC now.
  • Auto-update mechanism on the PC.
  • Alpha version of a Webcam view feature–look through your attached camera without opening special software (currently only available to direct-connected phones)
  • Licensing scheme (not yet enforced, but coded and coming soon) to protect our servers for our customers
  • Ability for the servers to notify you when updates are available (real time, unlike the Android market)
  • Cached direct-connect PCs, so you can use PhoneMyPC even when you cannot access the internet (provided the phone and PCs are on the same network). Cached PCs show with gray icons, and are clickable even if the servers cannot be contacted
  • Internal DNS result cacheing to improve connection times
  • Countless bug fixes, such as the cursor auto-hide after using a track ball, and the saving of default quality settings for each view mode

It may seem that we’ve been working on many things, but most of these are surprisingly related to the theme of “Login support.” For example, industry-standard network security is necessary so you can safely pass credentials to your PC; DNS and host cacheing are optimizations to help mitigate the fact that secure networking is not as fast as insecure networking; ability to auto-lock the PCs is important for users with demanding security needs.

Major Bugs in 2.0.0

The most common support inquiries we receive are, in order of frequency (since the release of PhoneMyPC 2.0.0):

  • Inability to locate the PCs (phone reports “No Hosts…”). More than 95% of these are caused by mismatches in credentials, usually because of Android’s Auto-correct feature capitalizing something unexpected; 2% from firewall issues (PhoneMyPC now uses port 443, and very few firewalls block this by default), and 3% from miscellaneous causes. In most of that 3% of cases, a simple machine re-boot fixes the problem, and we have no idea why [yet].
  • PhoneMyPC icon not showing in the System Tray.  More than 99% of these are caused by a bug. Although the software is running normally, the System tray icon does not show. The quick fix has been to kill the PhoneMyPC task, as the service will re-start it and the icon will show. This is no longer a problem (see 2.0.1 below).
  • Errors when connecting to a PC, and most often the type of error that lets you send an error report to us.  So far as we can tell, 100% of these are caused by a bug in our host cacheing logic. A fix for this is coming very soon. The work-around is to press Home and try again.
  • Phone keeps searching forever for hosts. We have expanded our test environments to include networks of all speeds and qualities, and we see this occasionally on very poor networks. The problem is not network speed, but reliability. The slowness occurs during the setup of the SSL connection, and we have found that the problem is far worse on Froyo based devices than others, even when the others are vastly inferior in every way. We are working hard to find and fix this issue; at this time, we believe it may be a bug in Android’s SSL logic, but we have not proven it.  The simplest work-around is to press Home and try again; pressing “Home” while running PhoneMyPC actually terminates the application and all network activity.

Most requested changes to 2.0.0

After the release of PhoneMyPC 2.0.0, our customers let us know right away what was missing:

  • Ability to stop the program when it’s running; people want an easy way to turn the program off
  • Ability to decide whether or not the program runs automatically when Windows starts

Most common complaints in 2.0.0

Our customers waste no time telling us what they like and don’t–and it’s a good thing, because this is how we decide what to work on. Here are the most common issues along with some descriptions of each (aside from the bugs listed above, which make up the vast majority of customer comments):

  • The program is more “laggy” (slower) than it used to be.  This is true, primarily for users who depend on our servers to communicate with their PCs (cannot support direct-connects).  This is a direct consequence of the improved security; TLS transport requires encryption and decryption which adds significantly to the work that is done for each bit of data delivered to or from the phone. The good news is that we have several incremental solutions to this, and we believe that–even with highly secure connections–we will end up with performance characteristics that are even better than the insecure versions of PhoneMyPC. In addition, we plan to add the ability for users to choose which data is secured and therefore optimize performance on an as-needed basis.
  • The program lost my connection, the program zooms when I try to pan (Android 1.5 and 1.6 only), and the image quality defaults to a low value. These are all fairly rare, but they fill second sport about equally, and we are working on all of these.

PhoneMyPC 2.0.1 (PC-only update)

Today (June 12) at about 2:00am PST, we published an update to the PC application that addresses several issues:

  • System tray icon shows consistently
  • Settings screen includes a “Disconnect” button to “shut off” PhoneMyPC
  • Settings screen supports the ability to choose whether PhoneMyPC runs automatically when Windows starts, or not
  • Start menu shortcut now shows the Settings screen consistently
  • System Tray icon gives connection status when the mouse is placed over it

A first bug in our Auto-update

We expected to release future PC software via the new auto-update feature. However, just before deploying 2.0.1, we discovered that the auto-update logic may mistakenly download the wrong update (32 bit or 64 bit) for customer PCs, so the feature was disabled for this release. This means that in order to get the new version, you must:

  • Uninstall the older version (your settings will be saved)
  • Download and install the new version (PhoneMyPCx32_2_0_1.msi   or PhoneMyPCx64_2_0_1.msi)
  • When the installer finishes, the program will connect using your previous settings (or if there were none, it will open the settings window) and then show its system tray icon

Known issues

The 2.0.1 release has the following known issues (on the PC):

  • The program may abort when using Fast User Switching on Windows XP. As a work around, log-out of an account before logging into another. This has not been seen on newer versions of Windows.
  • The program will drop the connection when switching users on all Windows versions. This means if you select “Switch Users,” your screen may stall; to continue, press Home and then run the app again
  • Auto-update is not supported, so you must install this version manually after uninstalling the previous version (as described immediately above)

2.0.1 for the Phone

We are currently working on an update for the Phone app to 2.0.1 This release will include:

  • More reliable host cacheing mechanism
  • A fix for the network bug causing the “error report” messages
  • Fixes to the Settings screen so fewer mis-typed credentials will occur
  • Performance improvements during searching for hosts as well as during interaction

As always, we we appreciate your excellent suggestions, direct feedback and patience. Please keep the emails coming!

Previous Release Record

  • Next Theme: Login support
  • We are dedicated to Login support, and will do nothing else now until that is finished. OF course, critical bugs will always be fixed right away.
  • Update: We expect to deploy login support to some pre-release testers this week. It’s coming!

Current Release 1.0.16, 02-01-2010.

Theme: Bug fixes.

This release contains seveal fixes to bugs old and new.
There have been changes in both the Phone and PC applications. Updates to the PC application are only required for improvements to keyboard handling (such as support for the underscore (_) character).

  • Fix to the network-latency sensitivity introduced in the last build.
  • Fix to the “always-zooming” bug on some devices.
  • Support for the underscore (_) character.

Current Release 1.0.15, 01-18-2010.

Theme: Many fixes, requested features.

This release contains seveal additions and bug fixes.
There have been changes in both the Phone and PC applications;
BOTH applications must be updated together.

We appologize for all the PC application updates; we’re near to rolling out an auto-update so this won’t happen many more times.

  • Complete rewrite of keyboard handling. For detailed use, please click either the Control Mouse+Keys or Interact Live link at left.
  • Multi-touch support fixed for Samsung users.
  • Keyboard-caused crash has been fixed.
  • Double-key entry bug is fixed.
  • RDP keyboard issues fixed (RDP now works properly on a controlled PC).
  • More accurate use of device keyboard (Alt and other keys now behave correctly).
  • Ability to control PC’s modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Windows) added.
  • Shortcut menu added to simplify common key sequences (Cut, Copy, Paste, Run, etc.).
  • User configurations added to allow mapping of hard buttons to software features.
  • All PC input features of Interact Live now added to Control Mouse+Keys.
  • Optional Application Password added (to prevent unauthorized use of PhoneMyPC on the phone).
  • Auto-retry logic added to network code–still fine tuning this.
  • Long-press crash in Window and Process list has been fixed.
  • Screen-density logic added to improve sensing of taps on high-density screens (Droid/Milestone, Nexus One).

Current Release 1.0.14, 11-26-2009.

Theme: More options, fewer bugs.

This release contains seveal additions and bug fixes.
There have been changes in both the Phone and PC applications;
BOTH applications must be updated together.

We appologize for all the PC application updates; we’re near to rolling out an auto-update so this won’t happen many more times.

  • First-draft of “Special Key” support (function keys, etc.). We know the menu-interface isn’t the best, and we have numerous ideas how to better make special-keys available. We’d like to hear from you on this: how should these work?
  • Configurations added for mapping hardware buttons to software features.
  • Support added for mouse-wheel scrolling (horizontal and vertical).
  • New ‘stealth’ mode added to hide the System Tray icon on the PC.
  • Many bug fixes–should be fewer force-closes.

Release 1.0.12, 11-15-2009.

Theme: Fixes and Configs.

This release contains seveal bug fixes.
There have been changes in both the Phone and PC applications;
BOTH applications must be updated together.

  • Enter key now works properly.
  • Configurations added for default quality for all visual modes (Snapshot, View Live, Interact Live).
  • Font size adjusted for better display on WVGA screens (Droid).
  • Fixes to the Execute Actions feature; no more crashes, and batch files are supported.
  • View options now shut off any running screen saver.
  • PC application now supports user-selected TCP port for direct connections.
  • Soft keyboard now hides when the application exits.

Release 1.0.11, 11-08-2009.

Theme: Fixes and Droid support.

This release contains seveal bug fixes.
There have been fixes in both the Phone and PC applications; please update both.

  • Android 2.0 Multi-touch for the Motorola Droid.
  • Addition of ‘truer’ Cursor mode in Interact Live.
  • Added support for zooming using the Volume control.
  • Fixed the “crash while typing” bug.
  • Fixed (improved) the “interact live stops updating” bug.
  • Performance improvements.

Release 1.0.10, 11-10-2009.

Theme: Fixes! User Requested Fixes.

This release contains seveal bug fixes requested by our users.
This is a phone-only update. There is no need to update the PC application at this time.

  • Hero users’ Track-ball now properly performs mouse-clicking.
  • Changing credentials in Settings now takes effect immediately (without restarting the application).
  • Better error handling of network issues on startup (STILL some work yet to do here).
  • More network issues fixed.

Release 1.0.8, 10-25-2009.

Theme: Fixes! User Requested Fixes.

This release contains seveal bug fixes requested by our users.

  • More reliable Interact mode–interactivity will not suddenly stop as before.
  • Better network performance, particularly during Interaction.
  • Better error handling of network issues on startup (some work yet to do here).
  • Further refinement of Track-ball behavior (for some devices).

Release 1.0.7, 10-11-2009.

Theme: Reliability! User Requested Features.

This release contains seveal bug fixes and features requested by our users.

  • No more lost PC’s! We have re-built our network stack from the bottom up to improve reliability substantially.
  • No more “Are you sure” questions from the PC application when you shut down your computer.
  • Multiple monitors are now supported.
  • You can now choose whether you want high-quality, or high-performance in all visuals.
  • [Left-ALT + Click Trackball] now works as mouse right-click.
  • Right-ALT now functions as PC [Control] key.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved security model.

Release 1.0.5, 06-21-2009.

Theme: Interim bug fixes, improved UI

In response to our users, this release fixes several bugs.

  • More improved networking code–still fewer Broken Pipe errors
  • More robust PC app behavior; fewer missing PC’s
  • “Gliding” panning in all UI views
  • “Cursor mode” added to Interact Live (see Interact Live for details)
  • Fixed more force-close bugs

Release 1.0.4, 06-07-2009.

Theme: Interim bug fixes

In response to our users, this release fixes several bugs.

  • Improved networking code–still fewer Broken Pipe errors
  • Improved PC behavior–not so many “missing” or “(In use)” PC’s
  • Soft-key support added
  • Fixed text-entry bugs–characters such as ^%(){} didn’t work, but do now
  • Fixed more force-close bugs

Release 1.0.3, 05-31-2009.

Theme: Log-In

Our plan was to release the PC application as a windows service this week; this would imrprove reliability and allow remote log-in. Unfortunately, that feature didn’t make it as we spent our time responding to user feedback about lagginess and network problems.

  • Improved networking code–fewer Broken Pipe errors
  • Improved UI responsiveness–not so ‘laggy’ when the network is slow
  • Thoroughly tested with Android 1.5 [Cupcake] in response to customer feedback
  • Fixed several force-close bugs
  • Improved the reliability of the PC applet

Release 1.0.2, 05-25-2009.

Theme: Faster

  • Enabled View Live and Interact Live for all connections (3G, Edge, WIFI, hosted or direct)
  • Modified Multi-touch zooming to make it more responsive
  • Augmented error reports to help us better track down issues sent by beta partners
  • Fixed a Force Close when saving a Snapshot
  • Updated network code to fix several reported bugs
  • Added some friendly messages for expected errors

Release 1.0.1, 05-10-2009.

Theme: Simpler, Stabler

  • Added new feature: View Live
  • Added Zoom to all View features
  • Added trackball support to all View features
  • Added ability to email bug reports
  • Re-designed the UI
  • Fixed several connection bugs
  • Fixed ’empty list’ bugs
  • Fixed bug when Back button is used to access the PC List
  • Added toasts for user tips

Release 1.0.0, 05-03-2009.

Theme: Get it out there

Known Issues

  • Program sometimes fails to connect or “vanishes” when first ran.
  • We’re working on this. As a work-around, simply press Home and try again. We’ve worked hard to make sure the software is reliable when you’re away from the PC, but sometimes the Phone app fails, and we are working hard to find out why.

  • Sometimes WIFI will not connect on the first try. This seems to be an Android issue. You can notice this when you expect to receive a WIFI direct-connect session, yet the Quality defaults to “medium” (whereas WIFI direct connections will default to Highest).
  • As a work around, close and re-run the application.

  • Program persistently reports “No Hosts Found.”
  • This is almost always caused by credentials being mis-typed on either the PC or the phone. Re-enter both and try again. If this does not solve the problem, check to see if you have a Firewall that blocks outgoing port 49200 on the PC; if so, open it for outgoing traffic. Note: this port number will return to 443 in a future release.

Features in the near-term queue

  • Windows Service for the PC client.
  • Ability to login to the PC via PhoneMyPC (and to unlock workstations).
  • Sound support
  • Better user documentation, including samples and a forum.