Imagine MT

What’s new in release 1.0.3

We continue to receive great feedback, and we continue to work hard to get it done.

In this release, we started with the goal of getting some minimal 3D gallery implemented, and in the process discovered our underlying rendering code wasn’t up to the task. This led us to a re-write of much of that code and some changes to how we handle your image data.

After the rewrite, and some down time from a flu that swept our office, we’re now releasing this build even though it falls far short of our goals. It’s been too long since our last release.

Note to existing customers: Please mount your SD card and delete all folders called “.thumbs”. These are Imagine’s thumbnail collections, and the old ones are now obsolete. Of course we could have done this programatically, at the cost of making you wait longer. If you need assistance, please email us.

  • Different folder thumbnails (this is an interim solution)
  • Multi-touch support for Samsung devices
  • Images of any size now supported (no more memory errors on giant images)
  • “Swipe next” feature of image view no longer mis-interprets a zoom as a swipe
  • Double-tap to zoom back to “fit to screen”
  • New gallery view (“Billboard”) when gallery is viewed in Landscape
  • Better thumbnail management; no more memory errors when viewing folders with 1000’s of images
  • Better integration: Imagine now works to view single images from other apps (such as MMS)
  • Thumbnail generation is much faster and takes much less SD card space
  • Countless bug fixes

Known issues

  • Gallery acts funny when first viewing a folder as thumbnails are generated
  • Occasional memory issues on Samsung devices–we’re working hard on this one!
  • Feedback sometimes missing when selecting images in Billboard view
  • Imagine still shows empty folders (we plan to switch to a scheme more like PhotoBurst)

What we’re working on today

Our top priorities for the next build are:

  • Any serious bugs reported
  • The ‘known issues’ above
  • Adding simple menu features (Set As… Send… Delete)
  • User preferences (pick which gallery view you like in all view modes)
  • More gallery views

What’s new in release 1.0.2

We’ve received a ton of outstanding feedback, and we’re hard at work implementing the features you’ve requested. In this release, we’ve focused on the most requested changed, including:

  • Full SD-card folder navigation, including folder thumbnails
  • MANY force-close bugs fixed
  • Better memory handling (both for performance and bug fixes)
  • Support for very large images (they are down-scaled to fit into Android’s memory)
  • Rudimentary “swipe to switch images” feature–this feature will get better, so stay tuned!
  • Auto-load of high-res images, similar to default Android Gallery
  • Volume control when viewing a single image to switch to Next or Previous

Feature Overview

Zoomable Gallery View

Use the volume control to change the size of the thumbnails in the gallery view.

Zoom and Pan in Image View

After you click a photo, use two fingers to zoom on the image. Use one finger to pan around.

All devices can use pinch/stretch to zoom, but if you have a device with Android 1.5 or 1.6, you can also “paw” to zoom. Pawing involves putting two fingers together on the screen and moving them towards or away from the center of the screen to zoom in, or out. Many people find this easier than pinching.

Next image in Image View

Use your Volume buttons to move to next/previous image, or when you’re zoomed all the way out (viewing the whole image), swipe your finger right or left across the image.

Much More Coming

We’re taking feedback and requests from all customers. See the sidebar at left for a list of what’s cooking next.

Known Issues

Here are some of the issues we are aware of; rest assured, these will all be fixed soon.

Multi-touch on Samsung Moment

We’ve recently learned that our mutli-touch might not be working on the Samsung Moment. We’ll get one of these devices and get this fixed (if possible) ASAP.

Folder thumbnail scaling

When the software generates folder thumbnails, it mistakenly stretches the to fit the thumnail rather than the original image proportions.

Thumbnail quality in Gallery

When viewing the gallery, thumbnails are very small so when zoomed in, the quality is not adequate.

Image quality and checker-boarding

Sometimes when zooming large images, there is a mild checker-board effect shown in the images. This is trivially solved, but the solution causes a less-responsive UI. So, we’re putting in some extra effort on this one to get the best of both worlds: quality AND speed.

Problems with folders containing many images

The system can have memory problems if a folder has hundreds of images.