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PhoneMyPC Released!

Yesterday we released the Android portion of the app to include many user-requested additions and a few quick bug fixes. This morning we are releasing version of the PC application as well. This will occur via auto-update as long as you had or later.

PhoneMyPC (Android) Released!

We released yesterday morning, including major changes such as the addition of sound, toolbars, and much more. See our Beta page for details:


Within 12 hours, customers notified us that we introduced a bug for Android 1.5 only. We fixed it and released a short while ago.

PhoneMyPC Auto-update in progress

At about 10:10am Pacific time, we began rolling out a replacement for the release we made a few hours ago. We discovered a bug caused by a few thousand customers still using PhoneMyPC 2.0.0 (PC app).

PhoneMyPC Auto-update in Progress

At around 7:00am Pacific time we released an update for the PhoneMyPC PC application. All PCs with will be automatically updated; the current download page here now links to the new executable.

The change list for this update will be available when the companion Android client is released shortly. There were no security-related changes.

Note: We have already received word that some Anti-virus software is noticing a change and may notify you; this is expected and you can safely tell it to accept or ignore the change.

If you have any issues, please let us know immediately. You can also uninstall, then download and install from our website if all else fails.

Xoom Support Ready!

Early this morning we released an update that fixed the bug with the Motorola Xoom.

We decided to get this out immediately rather than roll it into our current changes, so watch for other updates coming right around the corner!

Xoom Support Coming!

We tested on the Motorola Xoom this morning and found that a Java API change introduced a bug. We have the bug fixed and are working hurriedly to get an update out ASAP.

Also coming are two major updates including a long list of exciting additions and improvements.

Stay tuned, and check back often!

Oh, and about the Xoom: two thumbs up from us; this device is awesome (or at least will be once Motorola adds the promised finishing touches: flash and SD card support).

PhoneMyPC 2.0.1 Now Available!

On Tuesday, July 12 we released an update to the previous week’s 2.0.0 release that fixed many bugs (2.0.1 is a PC-only update). PhoneMyPC is now fully supports login and unlock, and has industry standard security. Check out the Beta page for details and a list of updates.

Note: 2.0.x is not compatible with previous versions of PhoneMyPC. If you update either yoru phone or PC you must also update the other.

Note: One of the bugs fixed in 2.0.1 was our auto-updater, so unfortunately, if you have installed 2.0.0, you will have to uninstall it (from the PC) and install 2.0.1 from the website.

PhoneMyPC 1.0.16 now available!

On Monday, February 1st we released PhoneMyPC v1.0.18, an interim release.

Our last release included network improvements for some users, as well as expanded multi-touch support. Unfortunately, it also included a few bugs, and those have been fixed in this release.

We’re working hard, so keep the feedback coming!

See PhoneMyPC for details.

Imagine Multi-Touch 1.0.3 released!

On Sunday, December 27 we released the third version ofImagine Multi-Touch, a Beta level multi-touch Image Gallery. This is the way Images should be viewed on Android devices–and not just the Droid either! Imagine supports multi-touch zooming on all Android devices. Get your email warmed up and tell us everything you want this program to do; we’re ready!

See Imagine MT for details.

More Applications Under Development

As we watch the Android world evolve, we are finding our mission targeted at remote access, colaboration and omni-presense applications. We have a long list of great ideas, many of them under development, and that means a long list of great features and applications for us all. Stay tuned, and check back here for news.

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