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"Kinda boring..."
"Good to have if you have lost interest in other past times. Multi colors would be tight. Also I believe descriptions of all apps are available to see."
"Strangely fascinating and oddly calming... love it."
"I didn't understand the point of it. Lamee."
"It didn't load 4 me."
"Good to have apps that educate and inspire."
"It runs slow in smaller modes. Would be nice to see predesigned shapes doing stuff. Would be nice to make more controlled shapes. Pause would help."
"Fun and to the point, but not for me."
"Huh? I do not know the point of this game."
"Good program. Now that you have a feel for the environment and the API make some even better apps."
"Fun to watch."
"Yea, I'm all liking math."
"Just read the story of this, finally understand it and you ppl who keep giving it a bad rating just need to stop and go read, trust me ti won't hurt."

Life is a simple implementation of Conway's Game of Life. It is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. It is the best-known example of a cellular automaton. For more information, please see WikiPedia.

Running the Application

When you run the application, you see a blank screen. Touch the screen to create some cells, then watch them as they colonize your screen. Touch the screen at any time to create more cells.

Menu Options


Use this option to remove all live cells and return to an empty screen.


Use this option to make the cells larger. The program will run faster when the cells are larger. Note that this will also clear the screen, so be sure to touch to create some new cells.


Use this option to make hte cells smaller. The program will run slightly slower when the cells are smaller. Note that this will also clear the screen, so be sure to touch to create some new cells.

Community Feedback

We've received everything from "This is stupid" to "Awesome implementation!". From the hundreds of comments we've received, we have a list of features we are considering adding:

  • Coloring of cells based upon life cycle
  • Coloring cells differently on each touch, so one can watch them mix
  • Addition of a shape pallette so one can add specific shapes to the mix
  • Ability to pause/restart, and to save the application's state
  • Ability to hand-edit initial conditions so one can then see how it evolves
  • Ability to run Life as a Home background