Works from Anyplace!

 View Snapshot


View an image of the PC screen (a 'snapshot') from anywhere, any time, as long as you have an internet connection

View Snapshot is perfect for parents wanting to monitor their kids; employers monitoring employees; support staff or anybody who wants to see the contents of a PC's screen.

Image Quality

The Snapshot image is a high quality, compressed copy of the PC screen.

When your phone is connected through our host, the image may be scaled down slightly. This is done to improve performance, and so that we can provide you the hosting service at no additional cost.


When you select View Snapshot, you see an image of the PC's screen. Initially it is the top-left portion of the screen shown on the phone's LCD.

Move the image around by touching the screen and moving your finger, or

Move the image around by rolling the trackball.

Zoom in or out by pinching or stretching the image with two fingers, one above the other.

Zoom in or out [Android 1.0-1.6 only] by 'pawing' on the screen with two fingers together. Move them towards center-screen to zoom in, away to zoom out.

Zoom in our out in increments by pressing the Volume Up or Down controls.

Save the image using the menu button and selecting the appropriate option.